provneo4j is a Python client for storing PROV documents in Neo4j.

This library used the Python library prov.


Install by running:

pip install provneo4j


Import the API and connect to the Neo4j database:

import provneo4j.api
provneo4j_api = provneo4j.api.Api(base_url="http://localhost:7474/db/data", username="neo4j", password="neo4j")

Import the prov library and generate a PROV document. As an example, you can just use the primer example:

from prov.model import ProvDocument, Namespace, Literal, PROV, Identifier
import datetime

prov_document = primer_example()

Now store the PROV document in Neo4j:

provneo4j_api.document.create(prov_document, name="Primer Example")

The result in Neo4j looks like this:


Primer example in Neo4j.

Unsupported features and known issues

  • Authentication: The library only support the authentication with username / password. No public access
  • Primer_example: The test for the primer_example from the prov library fails on the first run
  • Public access: The library don’t support the public / private access flag


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